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n., adj., a male of any descent, though in many western cultures is seen as predominantly white males, who possesses an acute sexual interest in Japanese women or Asian women in general. See also: Yellow Fever. A male Asian fetishist. Will often try to justify his racist preference by expressing an 'interest' in Japanese 'culture'. May have an accompanying interest in anime, manga, or the like. May also make such claims as to be 'Asian at heart', or similar statements. Pinkertons are generally middle to upper middle class, of any political persuasion, of any geographic location, but in larger numbers concentrated in the United States and Britain, with both of their rich imperialist traditions. The North American subspecies of Pinkerton may futilely attempt to justify his sexual objectification by offering bizzarre explanations couched in warped logic. "I just like girls with light skin and black hair" or "Asians just look better to me", ignoring the fact that other races possess such physical traits. Will quite often take college Japanese courses in order to further his lecherous pursuits.

etymology: taken from the name of a character from Puccini's Madame Butterfly, Pinkerton, a United States Naval Officer who pursues a fifteen year-old Japanese girl while stationed there, despite having no intention of staying with her, eventually returning stateside to his American wife after impregnating Cio-Cio-san, or Madame Butterfly. He later returns to Japan with his American wife to take the bastard hapa child of Butterfly and Pinkerton home with the two of them to take care of, which ultimately drives Cio-Cio-san to suicide.

See also: White Devil
n. "The pinkerton was surprised when the Japanese exchange student declined his invitation for dinner and sex."

adj. "Rivers Cuomo is feeling mighty pinkerton these days."

Here's a visual example of one in case you're still confused:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it wrong for a white man to be attracted to an Asian woman?

A: No, of course not. However, this community focuses on the motivations behind such an attraction, and if the root of this attraction can be traced back to certain reasons, then we feel there is something wrong with this. For instance, if a man were to make a comment on how all Asian women are subservient and therefore make good girlfriends, it raises a red flag as to why all of his past girlfriends have been Asian women (who have probably all dumped him). On the other hand, there are white men out there who genuinely find interest in women who coincidentally happen to be Asian. It’s a tricky subject, but the cases in question here are those which are clear cut incidences wherein a white man is objectifying and exploiting the Asian woman.

Q: Is this community against interracial couples?

A: No, we are not against Caucasian/Asian interracial couples, unless that relationship seems to stem from some kind of blatant Pinkertonism. Although this community has been known to poke fun at relationships like this in picture posts etc. this is mostly done in jest.

Q: Is this community a joke?

A: Although this community did start off as somewhat of a joke between 2 friends, somewhere along the way it began to take more of a serious tone as more and more members joined. Many of them have been Asian women recounting their own tales/experiences of Pinkerton exploitation.

While we do realize the more humorous content in this community tends to undermine our credibility as a more intellectual community open for intelligent debate and discussion; there are many members in this community who still enjoy poking fun at this issue, but who take it no less seriously than others. Therefore humor is still welcome in this community.

Q: By singling out white males as opposed to males of any other race that have preference for Asian women, aren't you also being racist?

A: While this community acknowledges that Asian fetishism can occur amongst any race/culture, antipinkerton chooses to focus on Caucasian men perpetuating Asian fetishism because the white male/Asian female pairing has become most common among western society, wherein white males are a large percentage of the population while Asian females are not. There are already communities that target people of any background who would objectify/exotify any culture/race, like de_ex. So if you think that this community is racist by not acknowledging Asian fetishism from any race, do not join.

Q: What are the goals behind having a community like this?

A: We do not actually believe that we can single handedly "eradicate" yellow fever or Asian fetishism/exploitation. However, we can still spread an awareness of this issue while offering a place for Asian women to share their own experiences/opinions of this kind of cultural exploitation.

Q: What about white women with Asian fetish'?

A rare breed sometimes referred to as "Pinkertina's". These kinds of women seem to be somewhat of an oddity in comparison to the vast number of men attracted to Asian women, but they still exist. The same rules may apply to them, but they do not often come up much in topics/discussion here, however any criticism/stories regarding them are still welcome.

Q: I am an Asian woman in a relationship with a white man. Does that mean he’s a Pinkerton?

It all depends on how you view your relationship. If you feel that you are on equal footing with your significant other and he respects you as a human being with thoughts and feelings, then probably not. But if the first words to ever come out of his mouth had to do with your ethnicity and it’s a recurring subject, then you may have unknowingly put yourself in a Pinkerton relationship.

Q: I don’t entirely agree with what your community is all about and I’d like to voice my opinion. Can I join to tell you why I disagree?

While debates are sometimes perfectly fine and expected to a certain extent, we would like to ask that members be limited to those who are not going to cause unnecessary drama. Calling us racists and spamming our posts with comments about why we are wrong will only result in getting banned from the community.
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